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Kroger Community Rewards Enrollment or Re-enrollment ends August 31

Aug 11th, 2016

 Apple Patch is currently receives an average of $400 per quarter.  Everyone who visits Kroger is able to support Apple Patch through the Community Rewards Program.  Please see how to sign up below:

 Kroger Community Rewards Enrollment or RE-ENROLLMENT ENDS  AUGUST 31:

How to RE-ENROLL in Kroger Community Rewards (if currently participating)

If you are not currently participating, please enroll your card during the month of AUGUST.

               b.  Select Organization   Apple Patch (Click the button to the left of the organization.

               c. Save your Selection   Apple Patch (Click the Save button to save your selection.)

 Any questions, please contact Cindy Harbin (502) 297-2899.

Thank you for supporting Apple Patch.