Day Program Services

What is the difference between our four Centers for Personal Development (CFPD)?

Autism Center Apple Patch (ACAP)- provides services to people with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. ACAP offers a unique and calming atmosphere that promotes learning. ACAP also has a state of the art sensory room and utilizes technology such as smart boards and IPADS. This program is geared to serve individuals 21 years of age and older.

Transitional Learning Center (TLC)- provides services to individuals experiencing dementia and/or early on-set Alzheimer’s. TLC is the only program with a recollection class, which was designed to assist individuals in maintaining memory skills.

The Apple Patch Experience (APEX) and Hike’s Point CFPD locations are both cutting edge education based programs offering services to individuals in classroom settings covering a variety of subjects including: art, technology, wellness, reading, math, culinary and science and history. We serve individuals with a wide range of skill levels and age ranges.

What hours is the day program open?

Monday through Friday 8 a.m. -4 p.m.

Do you accept private pay for day programs?

We do accept private pay clients within the day programs for rates please contact Zac LaFollette, Director of CFPD 502-657-0103 or zac.lafollette@applepatch.org for details.

Are there a minimum number of days to attend the day program?

Yes, clients are required to attend 3 days per week and a minimum eight hours per day.

How much personal spending money will they need? Do I get a statement? How do I know how their money was spent?

For activities/outings in our CFPD programs, either guardians or designated payees provide clients with between $20-$100 per month. As a rule, the program money budget increases for those clients who are most active. This money pays for admissions on outings, tickets to shows, concerts, etc. and any miscellaneous items clients may like to purchase. A money log of all transactions is kept in the day program office. Every guardian/payee is mailed a balance sheet and receipts for purchases each month. This balance sheet documents how much money was deposited for the month and where the funds were spent. All money is kept secure in a locked safe.

What kind of outings do clients attend?

Our clients go on a number of different outings each month and can include a trip to the library, musical events, museums, the science center, shopping, meals on wheels, the fair, the circus and more!

What is the staff client ratio?

The needs of our participants are different at each program, so our ratios vary at each location. APEX currently has one staff member to every six clients. Hikes Point has one staff member to every four clients, TLC has one staff member to every four clients and ACAP has one staff member for every three clients.

What kind of training are staff required to have?

All staff trains a minimum of three weeks prior to working independently with clients at Apple Patch. Staff receives trainings mandated by Medicaid such as first aid/CPR, client rights, medication administration, crisis management/ de-escalation and incident reporting. As an agency, we also provide staff with training on diabetes, seizure disorders, Vegus Nerve Stimulator use, diastat use, universal health precautions, and individualized training on each client we serve and this may include training on behavior plans by specialists.

Once new hire training is complete, staff must shadow for a minimum of 2 weeks. Also, staff is trained on client specific information including items on the crisis plan, restrictions, social history and dietary needs so they may provide above adequate care.

Is our staff trained to handle emergencies?

Yes - Apple Patch holds emergency fire, inclement weather and evacuation drills at each home and day program location on a regular basis. Records of each drill are kept and suggestions for improvement are considered after each drill so all clients are kept safe.

How is inclement weather handled?

All residences and program facilities are equipped with those items needed in case of bad weather, which includes snow shovels; battery operated flash lights, lanterns and food to make it through an emergency. You may discuss these emergency drills with the day program manager or residential managers at your convenience. Notice of delay or cancellation is listed with local TV stations.

Transportation – how does it work, who pays for it, will they come to my house, which areas do they serve?

Transportation is paid by the state for individuals who have the SCL or Michelle P Waivers. Federated (transportation Broker) must approve a request and then assign to a transportation provider (Apple Patch). We transport in Oldham, Jefferson, and Shelby counties and do pick up at the riders home. Apple Patch has medical liaisons to transport clients to medical appointments. The transportation department does not provide medical appointment transportation. Please speak with your day program manager or your residential manager if you need more information.