Centers For Personal Development 

Historically, persons with disabilities have enjoyed a fragile existence in our communities. The scope and quality of the programs that cater to their individual needs vary greatly with some that excel, some that simply maintain and others that do little or nothing to enhance their quality of life or level of independence. The degree and scope of intellectual disabilities also vary greatly and can range from profound to severe with many accompanied by Down syndrome, Autism and/or Dementia. Families of persons with intellectual disabilities also have needs that differ from one family to another and are faced with many decisions including which model of day program will offer the best services and programs for their loved one.

In response to the varied needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, Apple Patch created the Centers for Personal Development (CFPD) with a unique structure of programs and services that are dedicated to continuing education, wellness and independent living. Apple Patch CFPD believes that mental stimulation through education and a sense of well being are vital to individuals with intellectual disabilities and crucial to their development and ability to live as independently as possible.

The concept of each class is to offer instruction in everyday living skills that will enhance their lives and help each individual maximize their independence.

Classes offered in the Apple Patch CFPD include:

Apple Patch CFPD believes collaboration with family, friends and community agencies is a major key to a successful experience in our day program. Family, friends, and case managers are important partners when planning for a client’s well being and provide insight into goals the client needs to promote a life of independence. Each individual’s dreams for their future are at the core of their personal service plan and all goals are approved by the client to allow for maximum enhancement of their outcome within the CFPD.

Apple Patch believes the development of self determination and self advocacy skills are vital to the development of the skills and confidence needed to maximize the positive impact of participation in CFPD programs.

Transitions Learning Center (TLC)

The purpose of TLC is to provide meaningful day services to individuals experiencing early onset Dementia, Autism and having difficulty with hourly class changes and the steady pace of general classes offered by the Centers for Personal Development.

The Transitions Learning Center (TLC) was designed to fit the needs of individuals who have Autism, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other developmental disabilities. The TLC offers a variety of classes such as arts and crafts, wellness, recreation, and education. We also focus on the retention of memory skills, and allow participants opportunity to practice skills that they already have, such as laundry sorting, matching, and colating activities. TLC participants have the opportunity to go out into the community daily, as well as utilize a sensory room, outdoor patio, and indoor living area.

The Apple Patch Centers for Personal Development enhances each program and service with an educational focus; enriching the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities and distinguishing the Apple Patch Centers for Personal Development from the traditional approach to day programs in Kentucky.

Apple Patch Hikes Point

Apple Patch Hikes Point, located in Jefferson County, offers an array of educational options for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Classes in this center include anything from science and history, to basic education and sign language, to dance, exercise, arts and crafts and culinary. There is also an average of two trips per day that go to different attractions throughout the Louisville Metro area. Most trips are as educational in nature as the subjects taught at the center. The Apple Patch Hikes Point center is for individuals needing Apple Patch day program services living in Jefferson County.

Autism Center Apple Patch (ACAP)

The Autism Center Apple Patch (ACAP) provides progressive services for adults with educational needs on the autism spectrum. Bridging education and individual developmental abilities; it enables participants to reach their fullest potential; providing personalized therapies and intervention services to address each individual’s unique educational needs; promoting an educational learning environment and offering an array of educational choices, integrated life skills, and clinical and traditional services to help each participant reach their full potential.

With a small staff ratio of 3:1, all participants take advantage of available community resources, i.e. shopping, restaurants, stores, parks, and other area attractions beneficial to daily living skills. ACAP provides assistive technology devices, and augmentative communication therapies in addition to a Specialized Sensory Room which explores sight, sounds, smell and other sensory adaptive equipment designed to meet the needs of their autistic disabilities.

ACAP offers a gamut of leading-edge services.

Staff Training

The employees that provide care to the individuals we serve are Direct Support Professionals (DSP’s) and all receive extensive training and mentoring before they are given the responsibility of caring for our participants. Beginning in the fall of 2009, in addition to our in house training, we began offering access to the College of Direct Support (CDS), a state-wide program, to all DSP’s. CDS is a web-based learning management system available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for Apple Patch employees to improve their skills in caring for people with disabilities. The CDS training curriculum is infused with a set of values and skill standards to train DSP’s and their supervisors and managers as they support people in community-based settings. Values such as inclusion, honored rights, leading self-determined lives and ethical, values-based treatment, among others, are at the core of CDS training and mission. These mirror the values of Apple Patch and this training has proved a valuable tool in improving the level of care of our participants and retention and job satisfaction of our staff.

We provide DSP Credentialing through the National Association for Direct Support Professionals.

Residential Service

Apple Patch is committed to providing the highest quality residential service possible. Not only do we hire employees with great attitudes, we prepare them by providing the essential training necessary to insure an individual can live as independently as possible. We believe that by doing so, an individual can flourish to achieve the life of their dreams.

We also believe that a person’s success is a function of the environment in which they receive services. At Apple Patch, our homes are of exceptional quality located in safe and loving neighborhoods. All homes are new or nearly new and are kept in pristine condition.

We currently have 19 staffed residences serving a total of 54 individuals and each home is staffed 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Not only are these homes beautiful, but the homes in Celebration Park are specially designed to accommodate the special needs of each person. Our home layout features large open spaces to gather and large individual bedrooms with private bathrooms – plus a fourth bathroom with a whirlpool bath.

All of our homes constructed in The Parks at Apple Patch are built in groups of two with facing patios. This enables the residents of each home to gather with their peers as well as integrate and gather with others in this specially designed, integrated neighborhood.

Clinical Service

Behavioral Support

This service is provided by individuals possessing at least a master’s degree in a behavioral discipline with one year of experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Persons utilizing this service receive analysis, consultations, intervention in order to provide the systematic application of techniques and methods to influence or change behavior in a desired way, the provision of training to other providers concerning implementation of the behavioral support plan, and monitoring of a recipients progress with revision to the plan as necessary. We have two full time Board Certified Behavior Analysts on staff to best serve all of our clients.

Psychological Services

This service is provided by a licensed psychologist or psychologist with independent functioning. Persons utilizing this service must have a dual diagnosis and receive assessment, consultations, intervention and treatment for mental illness and a psychological condition if/when the needs of the recipient cannot be met by behavior support or another service.

Community Living Supports

This service is provided to facilitate independence and promote integration into the community for recipients residing in his/her own home or his/her family’s home. Supports provided will include training for the individual in the following: activity training, laundry, routine household care and maintenance, activities of daily living, personal hygiene, shopping, use of money, medication management, socialization, relationship building, leisure choices, participation in generic community activities, or therapeutic goals. Support is provided on a one-to-one basis and is not provided at a community habilitation site.

Occupational Therapy

This service will be provided by a licensed Occupational Therapist and shall include an evaluation of a recipient’s level of functioning by applying diagnostic and prognostic tests. Services shall be ordered by a physician in a specified amount and duration to guide the recipient in the use of therapeutic, creative, and self-care activities to assist the recipient in obtaining the highest possible level of functioning and shall be exclusive of maintenance or the prevention of regression and will include training of other providers on improving the level of functioning.

Speech Therapy

This service will be provided by a speech therapist and will include an evaluation of a recipient with a speech, hearing, or language disorder. Services shall be physician ordered and of a specific amount and duration to assist the recipient with a speech and language disability in obtaining the highest possible level of functioning and shall be exclusive of maintenance or the prevention of regression.

Physical Therapy

This service shall be provided by a physical therapist and include an evaluation of the recipient’s level of functioning by applying muscle, joint, and functional ability tests. Services shall be ordered by a physician in a specified amount and duration to guide the recipient in obtaining the highest possible level of functioning and shall be exclusive of maintenance or the prevention of regression and will include training of other providers on improving the level of functioning.

Case Management

This service is provided by individuals possessing, at least, a bachelor’s degree in a human services field with one year of experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Persons utilizing this service receive initiation, coordination, implementation, and monitoring of the assessment, evaluation, intake, and eligibility for Supports for Community Living Waiver (SCL) services process.

Case managers assist the individual and their family and/or guardian in the identification, coordination, and arrangement of the support team and support team meetings, assist the individual and the support team to develop, update, and monitor an Individual Support Plan, assist the individual in obtaining a needed service outside those available by the SCL waiver utilizing referrals and information, provide at least one monthly face-to-face contact with the individual, and monitor their health, safety, and welfare.


In the spring of 2010, Apple Patch was approved as a Medicaid transportation provider, enabling us to fill another vital need for our clients. By providing transportation services, we can ensure safe, timely arrival and departure to and from day programs and work sites. Transportation is provided for individuals who reside in Oldham and Jefferson Counties in Kentucky and we will soon add Shelby County. We have a fleet of vans and wheel chair assessible buses all operated by professional drivers. Our drivers are all trained to the highest standards and have had previous commercial driving experience. Our goal is to have 100% satisfaction with the upmost care of the client.

In the fall of 2010, Apple Patch began providing transportation services to medical appointments, job sites, and many other locations to better serve our clients.

We are always building on to our Transportation Department and adding new features, vans and busses to be able to best serve our clients. If you would like more information on this service please contact our office at (502) 657-0103.