Centers For Personal Development 

Historically, persons with disabilities have enjoyed a fragile existence in our communities. The scope and quality of the programs that cater to their individual needs vary greatly with some that excel, some that simply maintain and others that do little or nothing to enhance their quality of life or level of independence. The degree and scope of intellectual disabilities also vary greatly and can range from profound to severe with many accompanied by Down syndrome, Autism and/or Dementia. Families of persons with intellectual disabilities also have needs that differ from one family to another and are faced with many decisions including which model of day program will offer the best services and programs for their loved one.

In response to the varied needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families, Apple Patch created the Centers for Personal Development (CFPD) with a unique structure of programs and services that are dedicated to continuing education, wellness and independent living. Apple Patch CFPD believes that mental stimulation through education and a sense of well being are vital to individuals with intellectual disabilities and crucial to their development and ability to live as independently as possible.

The concept of each class is to offer instruction in everyday living skills that will enhance their lives and help each individual maximize their independence.

Classes offered in the Apple Patch CFPD include:

Apple Patch CFPD believes collaboration with family, friends and community agencies is a major key to a successful experience in our day program. Family, friends, and case managers are important partners when planning for a client’s well being and provide insight into goals the client needs to promote a life of independence. Each individual’s dreams for their future are at the core of their personal service plan and all goals are approved by the client to allow for maximum enhancement of their outcome within the CFPD.

Apple Patch believes the development of self determination and self advocacy skills are vital to the development of the skills and confidence needed to maximize the positive impact of participation in CFPD programs.