Clinical Service


Behavioral Support

This service is provided by individuals possessing at least a master’s degree in a behavioral discipline with one year of experience working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Persons utilizing this service receive analysis, consultations, intervention in order to provide the systematic application of techniques and methods to influence or change behavior in a desired way, the provision of training to other providers concerning implementation of the behavioral support plan, and monitoring of a recipients progress with revision to the plan as necessary. We have two full time Board Certified Behavior Analysts on staff to best serve all of our clients.


Physical Therapy

This service shall be provided by a physical therapist and include an evaluation of the recipient’s level of functioning by applying muscle, joint, and functional ability tests. Services shall be ordered by a physician in a specified amount and duration to guide the recipient in obtaining the highest possible level of functioning and shall be exclusive of maintenance or the prevention of regression and will include training of other providers on improving the level of functioning.