Supported Employment Services (SE)

Supported Employment services are offered to individuals to help them find competitive employment in an integrated business environment, where they will receive competitive wages and benefits commensurate to the job responsibilities, and where they are paid at or above minimum wage.  This program provides participants with the one-on-one support of an Employment Specialist to help learn about a participant’s strengths in order to develop a Person-Centered Employment Plan that details how their experience and interests can be beneficial assets to the workforce.  The Employment Specialist assists the job seeker in finding employment that reflects the strengths and considerations outlined in the Employment Plan, and they will continue to provide that individual with support to help them remain satisfied and productive in their job.  Supported Employment services will support consumers in becoming more comfortable in the work place through the formation of friendships and relationships with peers and coworkers.  As these relationships develop and individuals become more confident in their workplace, the Employment Specialist can begin to gradually fade out, allowing the individual to have greater autonomy in their workplace.